Early Gender DNA Blood Test 
 ( 7+WEEKS)
  • Same panorama as the doctors office, but only the gender is done, not the genetic. 

  • The test is ran 3x for accuracy instead of 1x

  •  Must call for appointment

  • This is done after 7 weeks or more & must meet the criteria

  • Partner w/a reliable Lab...not Sneak Peek

  • Must be sure of your dates: Not sure no problem, add on the Peace of Mind for an extra cost

(5-14 WEEKS)
  • 2D technology 

  • 10 minute session

  • Listen to heartbeat

  • Pregnancy confirmation

  • A Peace of mind session: This include measurements & heartbeat (if possible)

  • 3 digital images sent via email same day

(15-21 WEEKS)
*$59 Thursday Special*
with coupon code: THURSDAY$10
  • 2D/3D/4D technology- 10 min

  • Siblings always welcome

  •  2D, 3D/4D  four (4) digitals sent via email sent same day (3d4d only if baby allows us at no extra cost)

  • Gender determination upon request. It's your decision to know right there or let it be a surprise for your Gender Reveal

  • Includes measurements, Heartbeat, due date (always use doctors due date)

  • Add on: CD, Video (USB or Digital),Heartbeat Buddies available for an additional charge.

(22+ WEEKS)
*$79 Thursday Special 10-1pm*
with coupon code: THURSDAY$10
  • 3D/4D technology - 20 min Session, includes: measurements for weight & due date (always use doctors due date) upon request

  • Siblings & families welcome

  • Gender confirmation upon request

  • 10 Color 3D/4D digital images sent via email sent same day (easier to share & print)

  •  One or more Digital in 5D for printing at no extra cost, (only if baby allows us)

  • After Initial 3d visit for this package, return visits: $47.17 per visits tax inc. (10 min, same digitals)

  • Add on: Extra prints, CD, Video (USB or Extra Digital) Heartbeat Buddies at an extra cost.

(22+ WEEKS)
  • 3D/4D Technology - 20 min Session, includes: upon request: measurements for weight & due date ( always use doctors due date) and heartbeat!

  • Families all welcome

  • Digital color images sent via email same day easier to share and print

  • 2 or more Digital in 5D image for printing (courtesy only at no extra charge) Only if baby allows us,

  • Gender upon request

  • After Initial 3D visit for this package: Return visits half price ($62.50) per visits tax inc., 10 mins, unlimited color digital images sent via email

  • Receive: A baby gift diaper bag for mommy on initial visit

  • Add on: Extra prints, CD, Video (USB or Extra Digital), Heartbeat Buddies  at an extra cost

(26+ WEEKS)
  • 3D/4D technology - 30 min Session, includes: Upon request: measurements & weight, due date (always use doctors due date), and Heartbeat!

  • Families welcome

  • 2 FREE Promo crystal key chain with your baby's 3D Image

  • Unlimited 3D/4D color digital via email easier to share and print

  • Two or more digital in 5D image for printing courtesy only at no extra cost (only if baby allows us)

  • Gender upon request

  • After Initial 3D visit for this package: Return visits half price ($89.57 per visits tax inc.) 15 min & unlimited digital images sent via email same day:  Promo crystal key chain not included

  • Mommy baby gift pack with an estimate of almost $400 already activated baby stores gift cards and more

  • Add on: Extra prints, Video (USB or Extra Digital), Heartbeat Buddy for an additional cost.

Everyday $45 Quick Scan Special
*not applicable for twins or Pregnancy confirmation*
(10-38 WEEKS)

  • For parents who don't want to commit to a full package but curious to see their baby for the first time. Restriction: You can only choose ONE out of the list for $45 for a Quick scan to enjoy your baby.

  • CHOOSE ONE from the following list, for the QUICK SCAN of your choice when booking:

  • One 3d4d Image- 1 color print (after 22 wks)  

  • Heartbeat-to view & hear heartbeat (after 10wks)

  • Ultrasound Greeting card - 1 black/white print out

  • 1 Digital Quick Video clip (2D only & no measurements included)

  • Baby's Position- to view only

  • Baby's approximate weight- to view only

  • Add on: You can request w/technician Extra print out or CD at an Extra cost during your Quick scan.


808 Seven Bridge Rd.

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301,



*a non-refundable deposit is required and no cancellation under any event. 

*In the event of any Power outages, we have the right to reschedule any appointments occurring on that day for the safety of the mother and the well being of the baby. There is no refund once service is rendered.

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